Sunday, July 31, 2011

I wish...

... i could go for a shopping trip in my dream last night. Just tried to do some sketches to remember, but there were elements of a new collection in there. Was a beautiful dream... i could fly and i was recording the golden hour, panning the countryside with my camera eyes, tracing architecture from the primitive to the now on a long windy horizon line, grass thatched huts to sky scrapers. Was nuts. This futurism you speak of, well I wish they made a gadget to record your dreams. The dresses were futurist folk, some quite couture and sculpted, others more loose and voluminous with elaborate embroidery in panels and cut-out shapes forming patterns on the skin. It wouldn't be the first time I've dreamed about clothes then used it as inspiration for a collection. 'I gave my love a papercut' began as a dream.

Until they invent a contraption to permeate our dreams and document them ( stranger things have happened, the Jetsons was not that far off huh? ) this blog entry will remain without pictures, just fading imagery that pop back to haunt me, in a nice way... x

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